The Effectiveness of Clear Aligners in Fixing Underbites

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Clear Aligners for correcting underbite

A charming smile has a deeper meaning than looks. It radiates well-being, health, and confidence. However, that ideal smile may be marred by an underbite, which is a condition in which the lower jaw protrudes forward relative to the upper jaw. Fortunately, advanced dental procedures like transparent aligners are now accessible. Along with treating underbites, we will look at how to produce a confident smile using clear aligners.

What is an Underbite?

To begin with, let's define an underbite and then discuss how clear aligners can help with underbite treatment. An underbite occurs when the lower jaw extends farther than the upper jaw, causing the lower teeth to erupt ahead of the top teeth when closed.

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How to Correct Underbite with Clear Aligners?

The way clear aligners function is by gently pressing the teeth into their correct positions. Each set of aligners is made to fit perfectly over the teeth and is intended to gently move the teeth toward the desired position.

Clear aligners are made to progressively move the top teeth forward and the lower teeth back until they meet in a proper bite for those with underbites.

The Procedure for Receiving Clear Aligners for Underbite

An orthodontist appointment is required before receiving clear aligners for an underbite to assess the severity of the condition and the appropriateness of treatment.

Correction Consultation

Our skilled dentists at SmilePath will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and jaw, talk through any concerns you may have, and determine whether clear aligners are a good choice for your underbite correction.

Digital scans and treatment plan

We will take digital scans of your teeth and jaw to produce a 3D model if a clear aligner is determined to be a good fit.

Aligner fabrication

Clear aligners are specifically tailored to your needs and are designed and produced based on the treatment plan.

Putting on and taking off aligners

Patients must wear their aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day during treatment; they can only take them out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing.

Frequent check-ups

You will have appointments frequently during your treatment to track your progress and make sure everything is aligned properly.

The Advantages of Selecting Clear Aligners for Treatment of Underbite

Think about these extra benefits for underbite repair in addition to the benefits of clear aligners themselves:

  • Better looks

    Reducing your underbite can make a big difference in the way your smile looks and give you more self-assurance.

  • Improved oral health

    A properly aligned bite can lower your risk of tooth wear and jaw issues while also helping you eat and talk more clearly.

  • Enhanced comfort

    Clear aligners do away with the discomfort that comes with brackets and wires, in contrast to traditional braces.

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To correct an underbite, consider using clear aligners. Set up a consultation with SmilePath’s experts by scheduling an appointment. Our skilled orthodontists will assess your particular needs and provide a customized treatment plan to help you achieve a healthier, more aligned smile.


1. Can underbites be adequately corrected with clear aligners?

Yes, in cases that are mild to moderate. More care may be needed for severe underbites.

2. Are clear aligners for correcting an underbite as successful as traditional braces?

A more covert orthodontic approach, clear aligners can be equally effective in some cases of an underbite.